The Covid-19 pandemic is the biggest challenge the care sector has ever faced. This film reflects on a year that brought us closer together as a community, even while the virus kept us physically apart.

Open to admissions

We are now welcoming new admissions, subject to strict controls. Anyone coming into our homes is tested in advance and subject to quarantine, with a dedicated carer on hand to ensure their welfare.

Safety first

We follow the latest expert advice from public health officials and implement strict infection prevention and control procedures, including regular staff testing and use of personal protective equipment.

Well being

Our homes are full of life and, while we can't get out much, rest assured our residents are physically and mentally active and living life to the full. There is never a dull day at a Parklands care home.

Parklands People

We are proud of our people and we know you are too. Our professional, caring staff are trained to the highest standard and everyone is playing their part to keep your loved ones safe and secure.

Ready to welcome you back

After a long period of lockdown, we know how important it is to see your loved ones again; our carefully controlled visits will ensure you enjoy quality time together and stay safe.

Keeping you connected

We know that many of you can't visit for work reasons or because you live apart. Whatever your circumstances, we'll ensure you stay connected through phone and video technology, giving you peace of mind at this difficult time.

Parklands Care Homes has resumed visits to its care homes in line with guidance published by the Scottish Government. This guidance is designed to enable more people to meet their loved ones in a safe and controlled manner. For relatives who live at a distance, we continue to offer phone and video communication with loved ones.

Please contact the relevant care home manager for more information as visiting arrangements are subject to change. Contact details are available on this page>