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North care homes in cutting edge night-time technology trial

22 November 2022
Two of Parklands' care homes are among those taking part in a new trial which uses cutting edge technology to prevent night falls and reduce anxiety among residents.
Night comfort kits will be installed at Lynemore in Grantown and Speyside in Aberlour for 30 days as part of a Scotland-wide trial.
Developed in France by tech start-up Eldom, the kits create light without electricity through a scientific process known as photoluminescence. The kits are made from natural minerals that can absorb daylight and emit light in darkness.
This creates a light path that residents can use to guide themselves at night. Its main aim is to prevent falls, but tests show the technology also has therapeutic benefits and can reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.
The night comfort kits are easy to install in a matter of minutes. They include plates for the bedside table, power switch stickers, adhesive for the bed surroundings and bathroom door and a photoluminescent WC sign.
Seven other homes from the Western Isles, Central Belt and Scottish Borders are involved in the trial which is supported by NHS Western Isles Research and Innovation Service and is part of the IT4Anxiety project in North West Europe.
Louise Gillies, manager of Speyside Care Home, said: "I feel this could be very beneficial for some of my residents who experience anxiety, particularly at night. Waking up during the night, some residents can be disorientated and confused and with a night comforting kit, this may provide them with a sense of comfort and reassurance, improve their sleep pattern and support their general health and wellbeing."
Shona Conlin, manager of Lynemore Care Home: "We look forward to supporting this initiative by NHS Western Isles. Trials elsewhere suggest it has many positive benefits for residents, particularly those who experience anxiety or may be disorientated at night. This technology could have widespread application in hospitals, care homes and for those who receive at-home care."
Marion MacInnes, Project Manager NHS Western Isles, said: "We are delighted to engage with Parklands Care Homes. On behalf of the IT4anxiety consortium we would like to thank staff, family and residents for their interest and support."