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A window on lockdown

27 May 2020

A Moray photographer has captured poignant images of residents and staff at Buckie care homes during lockdown.

Professional photographer Shelley Mackie, who runs Shelley Foto in Buckie, has been snapping residents and staff at Parklands & Burnbank and Netherha care homes as part of a project to photograph local people and families in lockdown.

Shelley said: “The idea for the lockdown pictures was initially to document our local families during the lockdown. The news can be quite scary and many people, including myself, were scared and isolated from their families and friends. I wanted to create happy pictures and memories to make people smile. I like to think that one day, when kids at school are learning about the time of the coronavirus lockdown, they might refer to some of my images as a visual reminder of what it was like for the people. My pictures have made people smile and cry and it lets them see that they are not alone - we are all in this together.”

Shelley has now photographed almost 150 families, as well as care home residents and staff.

She added: “The staff invited me to come as they had seen my pictures and thought it would be a nice idea to capture life in lockdown. I was happy to see the residents through the window and seeing the staff in all their protective gear made it all the more poignant.”

Lisa Toogood, activities coordinator at Parklands & Burnbank care homes said: “Shelley’s photos show that residents and staff are still smiling and cheerful during these tough times. Residents may not be able to see their loved ones but, thanks to Shelley, their relatives can see that they are enjoying life and in good spirits. Life behind closed doors is still carrying on despite the restrictions.”

The pictures will be sent to relatives along with messages from residents to their loved ones.