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Lynemore residents can now 'Nip inn' for a quick drink

16 August 2022

Residents at a Grantown care home can now ‘Nip Inn’ to their new local for a drink and a bite to eat after doing their shopping.

Lynemore care home has created a café bar for residents as part of a new garden vision for the care home. The masterplan includes a café bar in the conservatory which opens up into the garden where residents can enjoy a drink and light refreshments with relatives.

A new not-for-profit garden shop has also been created. Open daily from 2-4pm, it will serve a range of toiletries, tissues, sweets and stationery for sale at a small cost. Residents will help operate the shop on a daily basis, assisted by activities coordinator Sharon Davies and care staff.

A putting green is also planned, as well as outdoor seating areas.

Sharon Davies said: “We have such a beautiful setting at Lynemore and such lovely landscaped gardens, but we felt we could make better use of the gardens and asked the residents for their ideas. It is their home, after all.

“Over the past few months we’ve been working to deliver their vision. We’re really excited to be opening our new bar, Nip Inn. The idea is to transform our conservatory into a communal meeting hub with a bar serving drinks and refreshments which residents and their loved ones can enjoy indoors, or out in the garden.

“Our new shop is also integral to our garden vision. Our residents love visiting the town centre and surrounding area but it isn’t always possible. So, we thought we would bring the high street shopping experience to them instead.

“Our gardens are a place for residents and their loved ones to relax, enjoy the peace and quiet and savour the country setting. We’re really delighted with what we and the residents have achieved together.”