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'Now more than ever, our family and your family are one family'

The unprecedented challenge of COVID-19 has brought families, friends and communities together in a way we could never have imagined, writes Ruth Smith.

When we all brought in the New Year, never could we imagine how our lives and routines would be tested and forced to change to the extent that they have today. The challenges that we all now face are not only worrying and dramatic but must cause us to unite against a very unknown enemy. We thank our relatives and the local community for their continued support, prayers and their understanding during these uncertain times.

The team have shown great resilience in their ability to adapt to the ever changing environment. Each day the staff come to work in high spirits to ensure that not only the physical needs of all our residents are met, but also their emotional needs. Everyone misses their loved ones and the simple things in life that we have all taken for granted. Infection control, in-house activities and staying connected through technology have all become uppermost in our daily lives. We are having fantastic and heart warming video calls, bringing joy to our unsettled lives.

I thank all the residents for keeping the spirits up of the staff as we too are missing our families and friends. Now more than ever our family and your family are one family.

We look to how wonderful it will be once this very real threat passes and we can once again enjoy the comfort that social interaction brings. For grandparents to hold their grandchildren, for loved ones to reunite together and our residents to again explore the beauty on our doorstep.

A special thank you to the NHS staff and all key workers who continue to fight against the spread of the virus.

We will fight this together. Stay safe.

Ruth Smith, Manager, Netherha Care Home